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My moms book released today on the publisher site, it won’t release anywhere else until September 30th. Here’s the link :)

that sounds like the single most hardcore and heavy metal thing ever

like very supernatural-esque

but better


Thank you! There’s a Facebook page too!

You guys should go like my moms page on Facebook for her first book of her Trilogy! It’s also on sale on the publisher site now before it’s released anywhere else on September 30th!

Facebook Page:

Buy It Here:

Hunter’s Quote


“There’s an energy that happens live. That’s where I’m most myself. There is nothing as honest as my live performance. That is what I live for every day.

“When I get on stage, that’s my home. That’s my element, and I’m not shy anymore. That’s where I’m comfortable. Getting to play live every night, that’s what I’ve always dreamed about.


“I’m blessed beyond belief.”



Hey guys. This is EXTREMLY IMPORTANT. ONE OF MY CLASSMATES HAS BEEN MISSING SINCE MAY 4th. Literally nobody knows what happened. He was last seen in a town called Sag Harbor. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REBLOG. JUST TWO SECONDS COULD HELP SO MUCH. My whole school has been in a frantic panic ever since it happed. Here are some pictures of him. If you see him please call this number even if it’s just a little information: 1631-537-7575. Please please help us. His parents are going crazy and so worried. All his friends are distraught. Some more info about him can be seen in the picture in the middle. Please help. Please please reblog. ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️


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